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GDPR Compliance – NPBC Data Protection Policy

All practitioners associated with NPBC have their own GDPR Data Protection Policies. Data is taken in order for clients to access classes or therapies, and each practitioner will have their own policy of how long that data is kept, and the safety mechanisms in place to protect that data. If you wish to know more about what data has ben saved, or to ask to see it, or for it to be deleted please contact the relevant practitioner.

NPBC retains contact details of those members of the public we meet at events who have agreed to receive our newsletter or events information. This data is stored electronically and is password protected. Any paper copy is safely destroyed. Their contact details are retained for two years and used only for the purposes the data was collected and then deleted. We will not collect any data which is unnecessary for receiving the newsletter, we will not use that data for any other purpose, and we will never share that data with a third party.