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Doula Support

During this time of coronavirus there are many Doulas offering online support, phone support and facetime during the antenatal and postnatal period. Also virtual support at the start of your labour when you are at home, as you transfer to hospital and during your labour.

This Website has a list of Doulas offering that service:


A Doula works with a pregnant woman and her partner before birth, during labour and postnatal. The role of a Doula varies depending on the needs of the family she is supporting, and the choices they make with regards their antenatal preparation, their labour and their parenting.

  • Antenatal

Doulas are non-judgemental and will never make decisions on your behalf or offer advice. Instead a Doula will help find information or support for you so you can make informed choices and be confident in your decisions.

  • Labour

During labour a Doula will focus mainly on the mother, but will also include the partner in her support. She will endeavour to help everyone to work as a team, respecting the parents' decisions. She will provide reassurance and encouragement, holding the space for the mother to journey on her labour in whatever way is best for the mother. She will help the mother and her partner to be flexible about the directions their labour may take and to feel positive about their labour even if it is not exactly as they hoped.

  • Postnatal

After labour Doulas usually offer one postnatal visit to ensure the mother and her partner are feeling ready to take on the role of parents. You may decide to ask your Doula to work with you during your postnatal time and pay her for a postnatal package of support too.

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Some Doulas have experience or skills in addition to being a Doula, such as massage, placenta encapsulation, mizan therapy, closing the bones ceremonies, breastfeeding peer support. Some Doulas can provide antenatal education or lend you books and information to help you to make informed choices. To find out more about Doulas you can visit Doula Uk

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When choosing a Doula we recommend you interview a few in order to find one who you most feel confident and happy with.

You can find local Doulas at Doulas North East

For general information you can contact NPBC by email or 07812 950868.