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Happy Babies

With Brenda McLackland

Brenda is an experienced psychologist and here offers a fun, interactive and informative course for couples to show you what you can do right now during pregnancy to help your baby to be happy and grow into a confident resilient child.


Becoming a parent is at once one of life’s greatest rewards and challenges. In this relaxed and informative course Brenda uses film clips, her own published material and group discussion to show you how to recognise and nurture your baby through their emotional milestones. This course will look closely at how very young babies communicate, and how to understand what they are telling us. 

Parents can start to promote a secure attachment or bond with their baby during pregnancy and those that do usually find it easier to help their baby flourish after birth. Research has shown that a securely attached child, as well as being a happy child will also make friends easier, learn quicker and have more self-esteem and confidence as they grow up.

In addition, this course provides a safe place for parents to be to discuss any concerns they have about becoming a mother or father themselves and any questions about the baby’s emotional development. Frequently asked questions often include how to cope with childbirth, whether you can “spoil” a baby and whether a baby should be left to cry. A participant on the last course left feedback saying "Great information, direct from a professional, instead of from the minefield that is the internet".

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Brenda is first and foremost a mother of two grown up children. She is also an HCPC registered clinician, an author, researcher and speaker. She has worked for many years informing parents about the abilities of their amazing babies. There is a lot of information about a baby’s physical development available out there, but much less about their emotional development and yet this is just as important for their future. It is time to redress the balance so parents know how to give their baby the best chance of happiness.

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June 10th 11.00am-12.30 at Peel Consultancy, Gosforth

To find out more about the course and book a place either email Brenda or text or call her on 07906619069.

Find out more about what Brenda has to offer on her website

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