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with Ruth Olayinka


Hypnobirthing enables you to confidently prepare for the birth of your baby. Through mastering self-hypnosis techniques and using hypnotherapy, a birthing mother and her birth partner can release unnecessary fears, change limiting beliefs, learn how to manage intense sensations and adopt a sense of flexibility in whatever direction birthing takes.

In addition, you will also learn vital knowledge about how your mind, body and birth hormones work together to birth your baby, alongside effective breathing techniques and essential knowledge about how best to prepare & manage your birth environment. By the end of the course and your personal practise, you will have all the knowledge and skills and support you need for your birthing body to do exactly what it is perfectly designed to do – to birth your baby.

  • You can feel confident, empowered and prepared.
  • You can experience a calmer and more positive birth.
  • Your baby is likely to be calmer and more content.
  • Your birth partner will feel confident and fully involved in their supporting role.
  • It empowers both parents with new knowledge, skills and confidence.
  • You will learn relaxation/coping techniques to take with you throughout life

Hypnobirthing is recommended from 20 weeks of pregnancy onwards up until about 36 weeks but the earlier the better as practice makes perfect. Classes are taught on a private 1:1 basis in the comfort of your own home, at times and dates to suit you and your partner. Small group classes are available on request.

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  • Birth Preparation with Ruth Olayinka

Ruth is a registered clinical hypnotherapist specialising in supporting fertility and working with women throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. Ruth puts together tailor made personal packages which truly cater to your own specific needs & requirements. You will receive a bespoke Hypnobirthing MP3 recorded specifically for your needs & internal landscape, Full Online Access to a Range of Self-Hypnosis Birth Preparation MP3's, 1:1 Fear Release Hypnotherapy Treatment (90 mins) and ongoing email/phone support from Ruth right up until the birth of your baby.

Throughout your course, Ruth will support you to resolve and overcome any anxieties or worries, change limiting beliefs, resolve emotional issues & provide you with all the knowledge and belief in your own birthing body that you need, which means that you are in an optimum position to experience your best birth possible.

Ruth is committed to continual learning and skills development and is a registered & accredited practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Register.

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For general information you can contact NPBC by email or 07812 950868.