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with Dr. Mandy Banton, Registered Osteopath

Appointments available at 1 Kingsway Avenue, Gosforth,Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 2HS


Osteopathy is a gentle and effective hands-on approach to healthcare, based on the principle that the way your body moves influences how it functions. The philosophy of osteopathy is to treat the person rather than the condition. Whatever the age of the patient, osteopaths aim to work with the patient’s self-healing potential, supporting the forces already at work within the body.

Cranial osteopathy is the name given to the subtle and refined approach to osteopathy that enables practitioners to feel subtle changes in tension and tissue quality in the living anatomy of the whole patient, and to diagnose and treat areas of strain or dysfunction.

Osteopaths are allied health professionals, recognised by the NHS as fully qualified to diagnose and treat independently.

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Dr Mandy Banton is a Fellow of the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy and was recently awarded a Professional Doctorate in Osteopathy for a thesis about embodied communication between osteopaths and their patients.

She combines empathy with a detailed understanding of clinical anatomy in a practice that puts the individual at the centre of the consultation. She specialises in helping women in pregnancy and following birth, as well as babies and children.

Mandy is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy. She has trained with some of the most experienced cranial and paediatric osteopaths in the country, in London, Edinburgh and Stroud. She has also lectured at Leeds Beckett University and the University College of Osteopathy. Mandy works full-time from her clinic in Gosforth.

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Contact Mandy at Mandy Banton Osteopathy by phone on 0191 285 9316 or 07913 564314 or by email

For general information you can contact NPBC by email or 07812 950868.