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PANDAS pre and postnatal depression support

with Angela Broadbridge

Meetings are the last Saturday of every month at Broadacre House, Newcastle upon Tyne


Pre and Postnatal Depression Advice and Support (PANDAS Newcastle) Support Group gives people affected by pre and postnatal illnesses – mothers, partners, families and carers - the chance to support each other through their ongoing recovery. 

The Newcastle PANDAS group is run by Angela who is a mother with personal experience of postnatal depression. Through her experience she felt that people should be talking more openly about parenthood and that peer support can be an invaluable way to help people affected by pre and postnatal depression or anxiety.

More Details...

Every PANDAS group is different, but coming to a PANDAS group is a chance to meet as a small group of peers, to share experiences, gain emotional support and realise you’re not alone, helping make life’s challenges as a new parent a little bit easier.

At our Newcastle group new members are welcomed with a new members pack and introduced to other members; if the group is busy there is buddy system where a new member might be introduced to someone who has been there a while.

We get a cuppa on the go and will either have a chat about an issue the group are interested in, have a speaker to talk about an aspect of parental mental health (we’ve had talks about nutrition, the early days with a new baby, birth reflections, a talk from a GP about medication) or we’ll have an informal stay and play type session with toys for the little ones, and just catch up about how the previous month has been.

There’s no pressure to share anything you’re not comfortable with, and members can feel free to stay quiet for the whole session, or just drop in and out as they please.

By reaching out and talking about parental mental health perhaps we’ll start to see a different way of talking about new parenthood. Perhaps one where people feel they can be honest about their experiences, where coping with sleep deprivation and low mood are discussed at baby groups and ‘it’s OK not to be OK’ becomes more openly accepted.

  • "I haven't been to many support group sessions as I think just being with other mums helped me see that I wasn't alone in feeling scared, lonely and struggling to come to terms with being a mum, missing my old carefree life; hearing someone else say "it's all a bit boring some days" was a relief!  I'm feeling much better but it is good to know you're there if I need to come back again."
  • "A safe space to talk, to just let out my anxieties and find some hope that it would get easier, suggestions for talking to my GP, ideas for things to try, and a really nice group of people that I can be honest with, I wish I'd heard about you guys sooner!"

Need more info?

Visit the PANDAS Newcastle facebook page where you can contact Angela or visit the website PANDAS

PANDAS helpline volunteers are here to listen on 0843 28 98 401.

For general information you can contact NPBC by email or 07812 950868.