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Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

with Jude Soames - SoamesTherapy Massage for Pregnancy, Labour and Beyond

Appointments available Monday days and evenings, Friday mornings and Saturdays from Heaton Acupuncture Clinic, Sandyford, NE2 1DJ.

Pregnancy or Post-natal Massage: £40 for one session, £140 for a block booking of four sessions

(You can enjoy a specialist pregnancy massage at any time during your pregnancy - contact us if you have any concerns.)


Massage during pregnancy is extremely beneficial for the well-being of the mother-to-be. During a relaxing massage you have time to concentrate on yourself and to connect with your growing baby.

Pregnancy Massage helps to relieve common aches and pains associated with pregnancy, particularly back ache, shoulder pain, rib flare, sciatic pain, leg cramps.

A full consultation before the massage means that the massage is tailored to your needs.

Jude Soames qualified as a massage therapist with specialist knowledge of pregnancy massage in 2002 after studying with Suzanne Yates of Well Mother. She is a member of the Complementary Therapists' Association.

More details...

The massage lasts an hour, is full body (including bump!) and takes place with you lying on your side on a mattress on the floor, supported by pillows. This is a very safe and comfortable position - clients have been known to fall asleep!

During the massage movements or positions may be suggested which help you remain healthy during your pregnancy, and may be of use during labour. Partners can be included too so that he/she can help the you with massage, during pregnancy and labour. If you want your partner to attend please mention this when you book your appointment.

(It is also advisable for women to remind their partners at Birthdays and Mother's Day that we do Gift Vouchers!!)

Need more info?

Contact Jude at SoamesTherapy or by email or tel 07789 010317

For general information you can contact NPBC by email or 07812 950868.