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Twinkle Toes

With Linzy Thirlaway


Music, Songs, Movement, Play for Babies and Toddlers. These classes will incorporate well known nursery rhymes with new songs for you and your baby to learn, bringing rhythm, sounds and repetition to stimulate, focus and comfort your baby. Movement and dance will help to develop your child's motor skills and balance as well as inviting them to socialise and play with you and other babies.

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This class is brought to Newcastle Pregnancy and Baby Centre by Linzy Thirlaway, one of our founding menbers. Linzy has run Baby Massage and Baby Yoga classes for many years now as well as being a qualified Kindermusic teacher. She has combined her experience of working with babies, toddlers and new parents to create this new class.

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Classes must be prebooked:

Mondays at Trinity Church, Gosforth

  • 9.45am Toddlers
  • 10.45am Babies
  • 11.45am Babies

Fridays at Trinity Church, Gosforth

  • 9.30am mixed age class
  • 10.30am Toddlers
  • 11.30am Toddlers
  • 1.00pm Babies
  • 2.00pm Toddlers
  • 3.00pm mixed age class



Please email Linzy or phone her on 07795 438135 with any queries or to book on a course.

For general information you can contact NPBC by email or 07812 950868.