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Testimonials here are comments from some of our clients.

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Baby Massage

  posted by Claire, mum of Felix aged 4 months:

Thanks Linzy! I think the classes have made a real difference to our new family. Felix is a different baby from when we started the classes- much much happier and a lot less crying- and so we are happier too!

  posted by Jenny, mum of Claudia aged 6 months:

Massage has been a real life saver! Claudia has always been very grumpy at the end of the day, as bath and bed appraoches. But at the same time every day as the grumbling starts and we cant do a thing with her, we start her massage and she instantly calms, gives us smiles and relaxes before bathtime. Thank you Linzy!

  posted by Lisa, mum of Oliver aged 16 weeks:

Baby massage was fab!!! Oliver loved the interaction with the other babies and I found it really interesting to see how he responded to the different moves that we learnt and finding out what he liked and responded to best. The classes are really well run with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and a great way to catch up with other mums and share tips, stories and tales of sleepless nights !!

  posted by Rachel, mum of Ernie aged 13 weeks:

We need more Linzy’s in the world as one is not enough to share and go around.

  posted by Tracy, mum of Luke aged 15 weeks:

I have recently finished the Baby Massage course with my 15 week old son. The course was a great way of spending quality one-to-one time with him and it was great for bonding too. The class environment was friendly, relaxed and comfortable and Linzy is a fantastic, approachable and helpful teacher. I can definitely say that the course is well worth doing for both mom and babe.

Baby Yoga

  posted by Jackie, mum of Lily aged 5 months:

A super instructor, whose humour and pace along with initial circle time chats made us all feel at ease and form good friendships.

  posted by Raychel, mum of Finlay aged 16 months:

Finlay and I both really enjoyed baby massage and yoga. Baby massage was a lovely bonding experience and I still use it on him when he comes out of the bath (he’s 16 months now) its the only time he lies still!!!! Yoga was a great way to interact with him and learn different movements which helped with his development hugely. He is growing into a happy confident little boy and your classes have definately given him a great start to his little life.

Natal Hypnotherapy

  posted by Karen:

Hi Sue, it’s Karen - you may remember taking us through the Natal Hypnotherapy course...

Been meaning to get back to you to let you know how it all went. I also wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills with us, and let you know that you really helped me to have an amazing birth experience. The room was lovely - we had candles and lava lamps and relaxing music. When things got bit more intense and I phoned the midwife and got in the pool. It was fairly intense from then onwards, and it was from then that I really began to use the hypnotherapy techniques. My birthing partner was amazing throughout - talking me through when I needed it, using the 3,2,1 relax, reminding me of the visualisations. I found that the best thing for me was turning down the dial and the 3,2,1 relax. I barely used the gas and air - although did quite enjoy chewing the mouthpiece! I won’t say that it wasn’t intensely uncomfortable, but I don’t remember it ever being unmanageable. Apparently I made no noise during contraction - I really did go into the “zone” - and the midwives were very respectful of this.

Anyway, I really do feel that this wonderful birth experience was made possible by you and the Natal Hypnotherapy programme. I approached the experience feeling calm and ready and really, it couldn't possibly have gone any better! Thank you so much for helping me achieve the birth I really wanted. I have been telling all my friends – pregnant and not – about the natal hypnotherapy!!

  posted by Sophie, South Tyneside:

Hi Susan, just to let you know that we had our baby a week and one day early - only a few days after you delivered our natal hypnotherapy workshop! I had a water birth, with only a little gas and air from 2pm and the baby was born at 4.55pm. Great for a first baby!! It was fantastic thanks to doing the natal hypnotherapy. I really feel that had I had a bit longer, I could have managed without any pain relief but I just couldnt quite get to that very deep level of relaxation although I was very very relaxed! Had the baby arrived on time - a week later - then I would have had longer to practice. However, I felt excited and happy, totally in control, the midwife was really quiet and let us get on with it, my birthing partner was excellent and helped me with my breathing and to relax. It really is about the breathing and I found on a couple of occasions I completely drifted off - almost asleep.....fabulous experience, thank you, thank you, thank you. I will mention this to everyone I know and to the midwife service in South Tyneside. I know, hand on heart, that whatever had happened in that delivery room, I could have and would have, dealt with it thanks to natal hypnotherapy and if you ever need anyone to speak up for this I am more than willing. Feel free to quote me.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

  posted by Gill Maguire:

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I had a pregnancy massage with you when I was heavily pregnant at the end of April. The techniques you showed my husband and I were really useful - particularly getting me to look at him while he calmed me down & I’m delighted that I managed to get by during labour with the breathing techniques, tens and gas & air. Thankfully the little one helped by doing everything she was supposed to do!

Thanks again.

  posted by Nikki Renton:

Just wanted to say a big thank you Judith for all your help during my pregnancy. During my labour I remained healthy and supple through regular massage sessions with yourself and our general conversations helped me prepare for labour which went how I wanted it to. It was a very enjoyable experience and I would quite happily do again. Looking forward to starting the massages again.

  posted by Rachel Fieldhouse:

How amazing I feel after an hour with Judith, I only wish I had found her sooner during my pregnancy, I have just booked up for my 3rd massage which is very near to my due date but I know the feeling of relaxation and pure indulgance that Judith’s massage brings will certainly assist me during labour. I would recommend to everyone.