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with Suzanne Nicholson from A Beautiful Birth

Hypnobirthing is recommended from 20 weeks of pregnancy right up to 36 weeks but the earlier the better! Courses consist of 10-12 hours of teaching spread out over 4 sessions and parents receive a free relaxation hypnosis CD/MP3’s, a Hypnobirthing book and a parents' resource pack.

Classes can be taught on a private 1 to 1 basis either in the comfort of your own home or from Jesmond Natural Health and Fertility Clinic on Osborne Road.


A Beautiful Birth teaches the KG (Katharine Graves) Hypnobirthing Method which is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence during birth. It is the leading source of hypnobirthing teaching and support in the UK and overseas and is the training of choice for UK midwives and hospitals (the training is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives).

It is deeply relaxing and effective, and allows your mind and body to work in harmony just the way nature intended. It puts you in charge, so your baby can be born calm and alert, ready to bond with you quickly, and settle into healthy sleeping and feeding patterns.

The benefits of KG Hypnobirthing are:

  • You are likely to experience a natural, calm, comfortable birth whether it be at home or hospital
  • You will learn self hypnosis to induce deep relaxation
  • You may find you don't need any pain relief at all
  • It often shortens the length of labour
  • You will be more alert and in control
  • Hypnobirthing reduces the physical impact of childbirth i.e. the need for stitches
  • The father/birth partner is actively involved and knows that they have played an important role in the birth of their child
  • It allows your baby to enter the world drug free and in an atmosphere of peace, calm and tranquillity
  • It empowers both parents with new knowledge, skills and confidence.
  • You will learn relaxation/coping techniques to take with you throughout life

More details...

Suzanne has a degree in Public Health which she gained in 2002 from Northumbria University. Newcastle captured her heart so after graduating she decided to stay and began an 11 year NHS public health career in the North East specialising in Children, Young People and Families. In the latter years she also took on responsibility for managing other specialisms such as food and health, workplace health, mental health and physical activity.

After studying for a diploma in London, she is now a qualified KG Hypnobirthing Teacher (and member of the Hypnobirthing Association) helping couples to feel more empowered, confident, relaxed and calm for a better, more beautiful birth experience. She is also studying to become a Hypnotherapist and she is due to qualify in 2016.

“I stumbled across KG Hypnobirthing at the 11th hour literally but was still adamant that it would be beneficial to me and the birth experience that followed has completely changed my life in an amazing way”. Rose.

“The thing about hypnobirthing is that it works.” Father.

Need more info...

Please email Suzanne or phone her on 07739142712.

For more information see A Beautiful Birth

For general information you can contact NPBC by email or 07812 950868.